quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Da Hipersensibilidade emocional

Em Portugal existem muito poucos estudos sobre esta doença, daí ter encontrado uma boa explicação dela apenas em inglês atravês do ealth central.

Have you been accused of over reacting to circumstances in which others seem to easily get over it?

Sim, constantemente.

Do you feel hurt easily by what others say and do?

A maioria das minhas discussões estão relacionadas com coisas que as pessoas me dizem e que eu interpreto como criticas e acusações.

Do you feel self conscious to the point of great anxiety when asked to perform in front of others?

Só acontece em momentos de crise emocional.

Do you feel like an empath from the Star Trek: Next Generation TV series where other people's moods have the ability to cause you pain or even incapacitation?

Fico completamente transtornada quando estou junto de pessoas que não estão de bom humor ou são agressivas.

Do you feel weary from being in constant fight or flight mode?

Piloto automatico quase todos os dias, para não me permitir a quebrar perante situações dificeis.

Are you especially vulnerable to stimuli from your environment such as loud sounds, bright lights, strong odors, or other potential sources of over-stimulation?

Crises de pânico em sitios com muita gente, muito barulho ou muito calor.

If you answered yes to a lot of these questions you may be what is known as a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP.

Respondi afirmativamente a tudo e sim, sou hipersensivel.

Instead of portraying this type of individual as having some sort of disorder, Doctor Aron simply describes the highly sensitive person as possibly having a different neurological make-up than some. Some describe highly sensitive people as those who have a sensitive but finely tuned neurological system. This type of wiring can be considered a gift because you may be very empathic, creative and intuitive but there may be a price to pay in also having to battle symptoms of anxiety and depression. HSPs are said to be deeply affected by physical and emotional pain. There are days when I feel like an exposed nerve, unprotected and raw. The world seems especially difficult to navigate as I am always attempting to feel safe but also pursue my goals. There are times when I physically and emotional shut down as an innate protection strategy from becoming overwhelmed. I think a lot of factors influence whether or not you are a highly sensitive person. People who have faced numerous life stressors are probably going to be a little or a lot more sensitive than others. Some of us may have both a biological and genetic predisposition to approach the world more warily than other people. It is my opinion that people who are highly sensitive may also have what is called a sensory processing disorder . A sensory processing disorder would explain why some HSP's have difficulty regulating sensory information and find some stimuli aversive or painful such as loud sounds or bright lights.

E estou em plena crise de hipersensibilidade emocional. Talvez o texto ajude a quem tem que lidar comigo e com os meus problemas diariamente.

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